You Don’t Have To Go Through This Alone

Client Testimonials

“I was referred to Melanie Haynes by a friend who works in the judicial system. It was the most important phone call and best choice I have ever made. Melanie stood by and guided me through a very tough and nerve-racking time. Not only is she professional and accomplished, but she is also caring and personable, which made the process easier to handle. She was never too busy to return an email and was always prompt to return my call if a stressful situation arose. Melanie, I cannot say thank you enough for all you’ve done for me and for going above and beyond. My kids mean the world to me and you really were like my guardian angel the entire way. I still hear your advice and use it often. Thank you again for everything!” – Sarah Y.

“Melanie is so much more than just a knowledgeable attorney. She takes the time to listen to her clients and shows a great deal of compassion to their individual situation. Divorce is never an easy process, but Melanie helped see me through it by providing the support I needed. Her fees are comparable and she will not “pad” her compensation with unnecessary communication. I received timely responses with fair and honest legal advice. I cannot thank her enough.” – Karen P

“Not enough can be said in regards to Melanie Haynes. I had a despicable unspeakable disaster crash into my life. Totally caught off guard, was devastated. I was referred to Melanie for help. Melanie came into my life as a real person, not an attorney with an invisible boundary line in place. Melanie made me feel I was cared for and that she would do whatever she could to stop the damages being done to me as well as help me head forward with positive change. At the time, nothing seemed possible, a sinking ship, going down fast with no way out. Melanie stopped my ship from sinking and helped me repair my ship. Melanie will always have a soft spot in my heart, I appreciate her as the defender that she is but more importantly, a wonderful person that will be there if I ever need her. I have a new life, with potential and full of hope because of Melanie. Thank you Melanie for everything that you’ve done for me.” – Mark M.

“Melanie handled my divorce and long distance parenting plan. Melanie is professional, informative, fair and is always looking out for my and my children’s best interest. Melanie made my bad situation easier through her sound legal advice and by demonstrating that she cares about me as a person, not just as a client. I would recommend Melanie to anyone needing an excellent attorney.” – Jamie R.

“We all go through really troubling times in our lives that can be dark and scary, not knowing what the outcome will be. These times are made worse when they involve your children. The most important persons in your world. Melanie Haynes helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. She is a friend and someone to lean on, someone I trust to help me through. She put my family first and fought for the future and well-being of my children. She is a go getter, but is very fair and reasonable. She is helpful in referring co-parenting resources and counselors to help make transitions easier on myself and my children.

She is a classy, educated, very knowledgeable of family law and is very compassionate. I am so grateful to have her on my side.

Eternally grateful.” – Shannon R.