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Protection From Abuse And Stalking

Knowledgeable Guidance For Domestic Law Issues

Experienced Family Law Attorney · Former Police Officer And Prosecutor

I am Melanie Haynes, a family law attorney handling domestic law issues in Johnson County and surrounding areas. My background as a former police officer and prosecutor has prepared me to handle urgent and sensitive matters involving domestic violence, stalking and harassment. I provide strong advocacy to those who have been subjected to or are in danger of domestic abuse. In Kansas, there are powerful legal tools that can protect victims from abuse and harassment:

  • Protection from abuse orders, also known as restraining orders, protect people from domestic violence inflicted or threatened by abusers. A protection from abuse order can place a number of restrictions on the abuser, including barring him or her from contacting, harassing, being in close proximity to and barring him or her from living in the same house as the victim.
  • Protection from stalking orders provide protection to those who have been stalked or harassed, knowingly and intentionally, two or more times. The stalker does not have to be a close relation.

If you or a loved one needs legal protection from abuse, I am here to help you understand your rights and guide you through the legal process.

Standing Up For The Falsely Accused

While victims of domestic abuse deserve every protection available under the law, the accused also have rights. Sadly, it is not uncommon for a party in a divorce or child custody dispute to make false allegations to gain a legal advantage. I am a staunch advocate for those who have been falsely and unfairly accused of committing spousal abuse, child abuse and other acts of family violence. If you find yourself the target of a false abuse allegation, I can protect your rights in civil proceedings.

I Am Here To Help

I am here to provide you with the strong representation you need for this critical legal matter. You can contact my law office online or by telephone at 913-717-5319 to schedule your free initial consultation.