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Child Custody

Protecting What Matters The Most

When parents divorce or unmarried parents separate, the future of the children is the primary concern for all parties involved. In Kansas, courts apply what is known as the “best interests of the child rule.” Parents’ wishes are secondary. As an experienced child custody attorney, I can give you guidance on your custody and parenting time cases.

When appropriate, I enlist the services of child psychologists and other experts who provide valuable insight. I can help you pursue child custody and parenting time (also known as visitation) orders that put the needs of your child first.


If there is a material change in circumstances, a modification of existing custody and parenting time order may be granted. The change must be significant. Oftentimes, the aging of the children is the impetus for a modification. If you are seeking a modification of custody orders or are trying to stop one that would have adverse ramifications on you and your children, I can provide you with the strong representation you need.


Parents are statutorily obligated to comply with custody and parenting time orders. Failure to do so can result in contempt of court sanctions. If the other parent of your child has failed to comply with legal orders, I can seek enforcement actions on your behalf. Likewise, if you have been accused of disregarding legal orders, I can defend you in civil proceedings.

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